Corporate History

Tait Media helps you share your company's story to honor the past, inform the present, and inspire the future. And what better way to get this process started than to celebrate one of your upcoming corporate anniversaries!


Discussion & Planning

First, we'll sit down and discuss the scope and details of the project. Then we'll share a tiered proposal for the project, and after you select the level you'd like, we will begin helping you build an achive of historical media that we will use in the production. We will also schedule out future interviews with key staff members.


Recording & Editing

Next, we will interview founders and key staff members to draw out the important stories of your legacy. Your history and culture create a unique and compelling brand story that connects on a human level.

Tait Media will also create a custom anniversary logo and 3D animation according to your brand standards and produce a powerful anniversary video that showcases your company: past, present, and future. 



Sharing & Archiving

From the main anniversary video, we will re-edit and form an abundance of social media content, including a written history to share on your media platforms. Our custom creative content will drive traffic back to your business and leave a lasting impression on all who watch. 

You will also have a digitial archive of your history to preserve your companies legacy for generations.