Training & LMS

Your new hires need your wisdom and insight so you can effectively serve your clients or customers. 

Tait Media helps you provide video training and LMS systems for today's VISUAL learners.


Discussion & Planning

First, we discuss your instructional needs, goals, and outcomes in order to frame a strategy for development. Then we plan out the general timeline, use of talent and budget needed to accomplish your goals. 

Then, we will share this in a formal, multi-tiered proposal for your project. Once you've selected the tier that works for you, we schedule out our shoot and draft dates.


Filming & Finalizing

Next, we visit your facility and record your subject matter experts on your chosen topics or machines. This may involve several visits depending on the project. From here, we edit the footage and share it with your team for review. 

We then design an online LMS video course experience that tracks trainee progress and ensures completion of required courses needed to begin their new roles. 


Training & Testing

Finally, Tait Media will help train your team on how to use your custom Learning Management System.  This may include a demo run with company trainees.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing ongoing technical support to ensure proper implementation of all courses.