Corporate Events

Tait Media helps you showcase the value that your event provides. We use our experience and expertise to help you research your audience, generate interest and excitement, and capture the best moments to maximize attendance every year.


Discussion & Strategy

First, we’ll discuss your event and the marketing strategy. This will include discussing your current marketing budget. Then we'll share a tiered proposal for you and your team to consider. After you've accepted the proposal, we’ll research your target market’s unique needs and propose a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals.


Filming & Editing

First, we produce special “coming soon” videos and photos from existing media that your team can use to promote your upcoming event. Next, our team will attend and record the live event, capturing video and photo highlights, keynotes speakers, interviews attendees, and even produce a podcast during the event. We can even produce same-day edits and highlight videos.


Promoting & Consulting

After the event, we edit the raw video and photos into engaging media to be posted on your website and social media platforms. You now have a digital library of compelling content to use for marketing next year's event. Tait Media also provides consulting services on how best to position your event online, engage audience interests, and manage your digital marketing platforms.