Tait Media specializes in on-location corporate video production. We have produced hundreds of corporate videos in dozens of categories for companies just like yours. These include videos such as: Sales, Training, Internal Communication, Conventions and Conferences, Trade Shows, Safety, Testimonials, Interviews, Commercials, Team Building, Spoof Movies, Explainer Video, PowerPoint Video Presentations, Touch Screen Kiosks, Logo Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animations, Demonstration, Plant Tours, Awards, Green Screen, Aerial Video , Documentaries, Non-Profits, Cooking Videos, Sports, Web Commercials and Email Videos.


Tait Media designs custom animations that enhance your corporate videos. We transform your logo artwork into an interesting and entertaining animated logo. With the the right sound effects and music, your logo comes alive and grabs the attention of each viewer. We offer 2D and 3D animations that get your video to stand out and get noticed. Need your CAD drawing animated? We can help with this too! Our animation partners have decades of experience and creativity beyond imagination.

Aerial–Crane-Steadicam Videos

Drones?! Yes! We have them and we know how to use them. Let us fly over your company buildings and bring a dramatic floating high angle that makes your video impressive.  We also have a crane to get up and over your machine for unique angles. The crane shots add a new dimension and high production value to your next video project. No high shot, but still looking for a unique shot to make your video stand out? Ask us about our Steadicam gear, that make for dramatic motion, running or walking shots.

Sales and Marketing Videos

Video has a special quality that is unique. It has the ability to personally connect to the viewer on a one to one basis. A sales and marketing video, once honed and refined, is consistent and repeatable and can be used by the most Junior of sales people to most seasoned and fluent CEO.

Email Marketing Videos

The fact is, people love to watch videos but they get literally get dozens of emails a day. Entertain and inform them at the same time with a powerful video email marketing campaign.

Corporate Image Video

Corporate image or company videos give your viewer an overall high level understanding of your business, history and company values. Usually done with narration and interviews, a corporate image video gives a face to your organization, allowing your viewers to connect deeper, giving them the assurance that your company can be trusted to deliver as promised.

Industrial Videos

Do you have a large industrial machine that is custom built, an assembly line or a plant that needs to be viewed to be believed? Try using video to bring your industrial know how to your new clients or customers. We have a long history of being around production plants and industrial facilities. We can make your machines and production equipment look impressive and dynamic for sales and training purposes. Let us help you create your next industrial video production.

Explainer Videos

Animated whiteboard explainer videos are valuable sales tools that are used to explain a complicated process or service in an easy to understand way. First, we listen to what your process entails and write a detailed and descriptive script. We choose a narrator, male or female, and select the appropriate up-beat music. Then a storyline is developed with appropriate black and white “sketches” that represent the concepts needed to convey your message. We time everything together with the correct use of keywords to help carry the storyline forward. With the right motion and emotion, your message is delivered and absorbed by your viewer with a call to action delivered in a compelling fashion.


Testimonials are a great way to earn trust of a new customer/client. These videos capitalize on the good will and reputation you have developed over the years. This video is usually done with an interview style. We will interview past clients with questions that will portray your company in a positive and genuine light. These video can be used to promote your company on your website or with video email marketing.

Training and Safety Videos

Training and safety videos are all about educating your staff and keeping them and others safe in the workplace. Investing in your most valuable assets, your people, is always smart business. “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keeping them.” – Zig Zigler

Print to Video

Printed materials have been selling your products and services for years. They serve a useful purpose. What if you could take the same graphics and text and create something new and powerful? Animate and narrate this proven printed formula into a visually enhanced video production for your website, favorite social media and video email marketing.

Video Editing Services

Do you have video footage that needs a professional editor’s touch or an existing video re-edited with new updates? Are you trying to shoot your own footage but need some expert advice? Whatever it takes to help your video project be successful, we are here for you.  Our years of experience will make sure your production is ready for editing, saving you time and money. We can handle any video format and deliver an HD file ready for internet viewing.

Team Building/Spoof Movie

Need to get your staff to think and act like a team? Try using a team building or spoof movie video. Self-deprecating humor works to help people come together for a common purpose. Your employees need to bond and laugh, this style of video is sure to do the trick. Do you have an idea or need help with developing and idea?  Whether you need to add humor to a meeting, conference or convention, we have a solution for you! Ask us about a creative brainstorming session. We always like to have a little fun!

Tradeshow Video

Need a little eye candy to catch the people walking past your booth at your next trade show? We have just the solution. Let us take your existing graphics from your catalog or brochure and animate them! Do you have a machine that cannot be transported to the trade show but is integral to your company’s success? Let video and edit a short production you looped on flat screen TVs at your booth. Use the video at the trade show and on your website to get the most bang for your buck.

Non-Profit Videos

Looking to increase awareness of your organization or raise funds for a critical project? Try using our non-profit video production. This style usually involves writing a script with questions that would then be narrated and interview style. A professional narrator will deliver your message from an authoritative position giving your viewers the feeling of empathy for your cause. This also can also be conveyed by interviewing participants or volunteers to give a personal testimony as to what impact and effect your organization is having on the community.

Presentation Award Videos

If your awards ceremony is getting a little boring, make it a night to remember with a professionally designed award video. Highlight the achievements of each award winner, business or team. Personalize the video message so that the audience can relate to the winners. As a bonus to the award, give each winner a copy of their video, as a link for their website, to receive recognition as and be used as a promotional tool as well.

Creative Design with the Power of Video!

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