Drone Video

Aerial shots used to be out of reach for most business owners but not today!

Tait Media can service your drone video and photography needs, which are perfect for new buildings tours, anniversaries, outdoor events, and fundraising videos. 


Discussion & Planning

In our initial meeting, we discuss your goals and outcomes for the aerial media. We plan out the general timeline and budget needed to accomplish the project.

We then will share this in a formal proposal for the project. Upon acceptance, we begin scheduling out our shoot and draft dates.


Filming & Finalizing

We visit your facility or relevant location and capture the aerial media. We then edit the footage together at our studio and share it with your team for review.

Once finalized, we deliver the final footage and photography via a shared google drive folder emailed to your team.


Promoting & Consulting

The drone footage captured can serve as great  b-roll that can be incorporated into other media services, such as promotional videos, building tours, anniversaries, outdoor events, and fundraising, and even social media content.




Racine Lutheran High School built a $9.2 million dollar edition to service their growing student population.  As an alumni, I wanted to help them capture this great addition.  We produced a video tour, recruitment and fundraising video that they used to draw new students and pay off the building.


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Bundle Packages

We help you provide video training and LMS systems for today's visual learners so your people effectively serve your clients.

We develop rich digital content that is of interest to your target market so that they know, like, and choose you over your competition.

We help you capture the best moments of your event and showcase the lasting value that your live event provides.

We design quality websites and media that helps prospects know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.