Green Screen

Looking to polish up a professional message? A green screen can take you anywhere you want to go and we have you covered.

Tait Media will set you up for success and give your image the makeover it deserves. 


Discussion & Planning

In our initial meeting, we discuss your media needs, goals, and outcomes to frame a strategy for production. We also plan out the general timeline, talent, and budget needed to accomplish your goals.

We share this in a formal, multi-tiered proposal for the project, and upon approval of the tier that works for you, we begin scheduling out our shoot and draft dates.


Filming & Finalizing

We research and share with you possible backgrounds that match your project intentions. We then invite you to our studio and record your subject matter experts on your chosen topics, which includes using Teleprompters and Scriptwriting help to aid you in your recording. From here, we edit the footage and share it with your team for review


Promoting & Consulting

Once reviewed and finalized, we deliver the files with your team via a shared google drive folder.

We can also pair these green screen videos into powerful social media services that drive marketing interest for your brand.



Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors 

WAHI came to us with a need to educate and promote their organization to help better serve their members.

We green screened and teleprompted the president of the organization as he delivered a concise message about the benifits of being in WAHI.

This was then used on their website and social media platforms.


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Bundle Packages

We help you provide video training and LMS systems for today's visual learners so your people effectively serve your clients.

We develop rich digital content that is of interest to your target market so that they know, like, and choose you over your competition.

We help you capture the best moments of your event and showcase the lasting value that your live event provides.

We design quality websites and media that helps prospects know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.