Whether in person or online, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Tait Media helps you engage and earn the trust of your target market by producing podcast content that showcases your wisdom on shared interests and values relating to your brand.


Discussion & Planning

In our initial meeting, we discuss your needs, goals, and outcomes to frame a strategy for development. We will also plan out the general timeline, talent, location, and budget needed for the production.

We then share these plans in a formal, multi-tiered proposal for the podcast. Upon approval of the tier that works best for you, we'll begin scheduling out our shoot and draft dates.


Branding, Filming, & Review

Based on additional research, we plan and design the branding for your podcast, including a name, taglines, description, colors, social media pages, etc.

We then work with you to book guests, outline your episodes, and capture your conversations on camera. From here, we edit the footage and share it with your team for review.


Scheduling & Promoting

When we finalize the media, we begin scheduling out when each episode will post on your platforms, as well as create "hype" content to drive interest and awareness of your episodes.

From the main video podcast content, we form an abundance of short forum social media clips, including written transcripts which can be converted to blog articles, to share on your media platforms.


Un-reasonable Doubts 

Patrick and Clint wanted to share their faith with the world.  Their podcast was a kitchen table level conversation about how to effectively defend your faith without compromise.

We loved working on this project and it was a great learning experience.


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We help you provide video training and LMS systems for today's visual learners so your people effectively serve your clients.

We develop rich digital content that is of interest to your target market so that they know, like, and choose you over your competition.

We help you capture the best moments of your event and showcase the lasting value that your live event provides.

We design quality websites and media that helps prospects know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.