Today, in addition to verifying your identity and relevance, websites are considered a core business asset.

Tait Media can help you create a visually compelling website so that modern markets know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.


Discussion & Planning

In our initial consult, we evaluate your current site, research your top competitors in your industry, discuss  your business goals, current sales and marketing strategy, and budget.

We then compile this information into a formal, multi-tiered proposal for a website redesign. Upon approval of the tier that works for you, we schedule out our design priorities.


Re-Designing & Building

We develop a basic brand and layout framework for your site. Once these are reviewed and approved, we develop the graphical elements for each page.

If desired, an upgraded service can be combined with professional video media and strategic copywriting services to further the site experience for modern markets.



Launching & Consulting

Once all designs have been finalized, we link the site to your domains, analytics services, and google search. We also provide reports and updates to the site on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis, depending on your needs.

Tait Media provides ongoing consulting on how to better position your brand online, and engage your target market so that you remain top of mind when customers are looking to buy. 



Our designer, Cody, developed the website and logo design for a start-up computer code programmer, called 8th Day Development. The goal was to create a site that combined a matrix feel with a modern tech website, and incorporate purple and green gradient colors throughout. 


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Bundle Packages

We help you provide video training and LMS systems for today's visual learners so your people effectively serve your clients.

We develop rich digital content that is of interest to your target market so that they know, like, and choose you over your competition.

We help you capture the best moments of your event and showcase the lasting value that your live event provides.

We design quality websites and media that helps prospects know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.