Logo Design
& Animation

Tait Media will differentiate your company's visual identity to stand out in a visual age with our custom logos and animated designs.


Discussion & Planning

In our initial meeting, we get to know your company by discussing your story, vision, mission, company culture, and customer insights to frame a design strategy for your logo development. We also plan out the general timeline and budget needed for the project.

We then share this in a formal proposal for the project, and upon acceptance, we begin the design process.


Designing & Revising

We take these insights about your brand and produce three main designs for your logograph (the brand icon) and logogram (the brand name) in black vector. You will then review and select one core design and share any feedback desired for changes. We make those changes and add two recommended color theme designs applied to the logograph/gram. You will then review those colors and select a final design.


Animation & Delivery

Once the design and color themes are finalized, we design three versions of logo animation that can be used within video media.

When you review and select your desired logo animation, we deliver the final assets to you in a shared google drive folder (logos/color variations and video file).



Our designer, Cody, developed the logo and web design for a programmer called 8th Day Development.

The design was to combine the idea of Biblical Creation, The First Day of Work, in a flower style icon, & coding symbols. 

The petals are spheres of the first week of creation, first day of the work week, the center making an 8, and curly brackets for leaves.


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Bundle Packages

We help you provide video training and LMS systems for today's visual learners so your people effectively serve your clients.

We develop rich digital content that is of interest to your target market so that they know, like, and choose you over your competition.

We help you capture the best moments of your event and showcase the lasting value that your live event provides.

We design quality websites and media that helps prospects know who you are, what you offer, and why they should buy from you.