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Tait Talk - Ep #003

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Brand Identity is a vitally important part of your marketing and sales in a digital age. Its important to have thought through how your brand is perceived online.

Dakota briefly discusses the development of his LLC logo design with Barry, including the inspiration for the color scheme.

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Barry: Level Up Video Marketing. I love the colors of the logo. I love the shape of the logo. And I think... 


Dakota: Yeah, it was interesting because how we - we got a design and then we didn't love the design. We actually kind of fixed it up and... 

Barry: Right...


Dakota: Like me and you kind of pretty much made that, someone sent us like different pieces of what that was and then we just put it together.

Barry: Right, right. So you got the L and the black. 

Dakota: Mm-hmm. 

Barry: And the "P" and the, 

Dakota: but that's also a "U", 

Barry: It's also "U" 

Dakota: Yeah. 

Barry: So it's "UP". So it's working on multi-levels there. 


Dakota: Yeah. And I also, and if anyone's wondering about the colors on the huge Pittsburgh Pirates fan, so that was pretty much the main idea of it. I love the color scheme, so... 


Barry: Yeah, it's very bold. Very bold.

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